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For years, pigeon fanciers thought that breeding youngsters was simple. Just by adding a handful of peas, a breeding mixture would be created, but this addition of endosperms is far too elementary. This is why we replaced these endosperms with other grains that can add a higher quality of endosperms and therefore BREDING EXCLUSIVE was created.

The results were amazing... with experience showing that youngsters bred on Breeding Exclusive could be weaned 3 days earlier than those bred on a regular mixture. Young pigeons are the future and it is obvious that the good start in life that Breeding Exclusive gives is crucial if the years ahead are to be successful.



14,2% Cribbs Maize, French
11,5% Milo Corn
8,7% Green Peas
7,7% Dari White
6,6% Paddy Rice
6,4% Wheat White
5,8% Maple Peas
5,0% Cardy
4,6% Soya Toast Split
4,4% Yellow Peas
4,0% Hempseed
3,7% Oat Peeled
3,0% Bordeaux Cribbs Maize
2,5% Tares
2,3% Linseed
1,7% Yellow Millet
1,6% Sunflower Black
1,0% Small Cribbs Maize
1,0% Turnipseed
1,0% Canary Seed
1,0% Mung Beans
1,0% Lentils
1,0% Rape Seed

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