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Nr 29 Racing Without Peas 20kg
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The success of this mixture hides in the fact that it supplies extra reserves without making your pigeons fatter. This mixture contains a lot of fat-rich seeds, such as sunflower seeds, safflower, black rapeseed, hemp seed,... and less proteins.

When coming home after a flight, it is im- portant to administer a protein-rich mixture. At that moment, proteins are much-needed to rebuild the muscles, but once this is done you switch to the No. 29 mixture.

You will notice that your pigeons are easier to train and will perform better. This mixture will easily bring you to the end of the week. This system is also extremely good for young pigeons and it is very much loved by racing players because of the high amount of car- bohydrates.


18% Yellow Cribbs Maize
18% Red French Maize
12% White Dari 
12% Wheat White 
10% Milo Corn 
8% Hulled Oat 
6% Cardy 
5% Paddy Rice 
3% Sunflower Black 
2% Rape Seed 
2% Canary Seed 
2% Buckwheat 
2% Hempseed

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