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If you have a mouse problem on your premises, Racan Mouse Killer Bait Paste will sort it out for you efficiently and quickly. The 10g 'teabag' type sachets should be placed in a mouse killer station - available separately (stock code 00907350) where you know the mice frequent. Each sachet has the active ingredient Alphachloralose (4%) which is deadly to mice and also incorporates the Microencapsulation Technology*. The sachet is packed with hazelnut attractants which is irresistible to mice. The paste bait is so powerful that just one mouthful of the bait will prove fatal. The killer paste bait will cause the mouse to fall asleep almost immediately before its untimely death within 24 hours.

*microencapsulation allows substances to be absorbed more readily into another substance. The poison droplets are coated allowing them to pass through easily, i.e. the poison is able to enter the bloodstream quickly to administer the lethal dose to the mouse. 

Check the baited sites regularly (every 2-4 days) for dead rodents so that they can be disposed of effectively and correctly.

Always wear disposable gloves (included) when handling rodent poison and wash hands thoroughly as an extra precaution. 

Store the box of sachets in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area out of reach of children and pets.

8 x 10g
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