Frozen Reptile/Bird Food
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• Frozen chicks, mice and rats are ideal for carnivorous reptiles and birds.
• Frozen chicks are a day old. Frozen mice and rats are available in a variety of sizes.
• Frozen rats due to their larger size may be preferred by larger feeders.
• Frozen day old chicks are packed in 10. 50, or boxes of 200
• Frozen small mice come in packs of 5, 10,25, 50, 100
• Frozen lge and extra lge mice & rats as a single price.
• Frozen Prime Quail , single

How Do you Feed Frozen Chicks, Mice & Rats To your Pets?

Frozen food is a safe and convenient way to feed your pet. It removes the risk of injury that can occur with live prey, and can be kept frozen for up to 6 months

Please dont feed the frozen food still frozen! Thaw the frozen food thoroughly and slightly warm in warm water. It is especially important to ensure food is room temperature or warmer for cold-blooded feeders. Warming the food will also make it smell more, making it more attractive to eat.

The best way to defrost items is to put the items that are required in a clean plastic bag, and place them in a refrigerator overnight or soak in warm water.

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